Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Nest

Ben & I have always referred to our home as "the nest" & I love it and think it is perfect. 
So this inspired my next little present for Ben :) I have told Ben to stay off the blog until our official anniversary coming up as I have finally taken photos of his present and I just HAVE to share!! Unfortunately he wont be home for our anniversary so I'm "sending love from the nest"

Its a personalized egg that contains a little message on the inside. You have to crack the egg open to get the note.. It's sooo adorable & appropriate. I've had it hidden for a while but I wanted to take pics and add a gift tag to the box before Ben comes back home, our anniversary is during the next time he's away so I will put it in a boring box and pop it in his luggage and he can open it on the day of our anniversary. I'm so excited and can't wait to give it to him :) I'm such a quirky gift giver hehehe! 

Well here it it :)
I purchased this from LittleOkins on Etsy and it arrived safe and in record time :) she has so many other wonderful designs and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have a few friends having babies soon so I will be heading back for more :) 

Anyways time to start dinner

Fiona xx

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time has come & gone

So Ben left this morning :( Today is the anniversary of when we had our first official date! We both feel this is a very important day and like to always remember the start. So many fabulous memories & moments have come all from that first day! I decided to get something a little quirky for my coffee loving husband. I put together some typography and had it printed onto a magic mug! when Ben first opened it to reveal a plain black mug he was a little lost and knew there was more to it. I told him he needed to put his morning coffee into it to see the secret message! He quickly rushed to turn on the coffee machine! He loved it and I thought it was just something cute and quirky perfect for the occasion :) 

The secret message;
While we are talking about present giving. If the mug wasn't enough I decided to put together a little care package which I often do for the day Ben leaves but he can't open it until I'm not around. This time I put together a tin of heart shaped mints with a little message on the inside saying " Making sure you're well stocked on your travels, like a good wife is MINT to. ❤ Fiona xoxo" 
Ben has trouble with his ears so he eats mints when the plane starts landing so they don't give him grief, another appropriate pressie :) 

Fiona xx

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Family Tree

Today I went out with Clare for lunch while Ben looked after the kids then came home and got stuck into the family tree Ben and I are doing for Gran & Pops 66th Wedding Anniversary. It is coming along so nicely!! Ben built the box to go behind the frame I bought and I have completed the leaves with all the names :) I think it looks really good and know they will LOOOVVVEEE IT!! I have also ordered a few miniature dolls house props that I am impatiently waiting to come in the mail just to give everything a bit of life! once all the props go in it will be ready to give to Gran and Pop :) I can't wait!

Here's a few sneak peak photo's, it's a bit hard to get a good photo once the glass goes on because of the reflection but you'll get it.

Fiona xx

UPDATE: Ok so the frame ended up being really difficult so we made it as a standing version!! I love how it turned out and the grandparents were so thrilled. We added some fake turf and little dolls house accessories :)