Monday, April 30, 2012

My Hen's Night

So I had my hens night on Saturday night :)
Well since I had that blow out with Nicole all the original hens night plans went out the window and I was ready to not do anything else because I couldn't be bother but Ben decided to book a room at crown Metropol :) and Clare and Jess did the rest of the organising! It's exactly what I needed, I had an amazing night with amazing friends, I couldn't ask for anything better. It was Clare, Jess, Karina, Jaime and Myself and it was just perfect.
We stayed at Metropol on new years so it was fun to head back :) We filled up our room sink with ice and all our alcohol and chilled there until we were ready to head out! most of our photo taking was in the room so here are the pics but overall a brilliant night :) Thanks Girls xoxo

and of course our coffee club breakfast in the morning! just a tad seedy!! haha

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Max's Monster Bash Birthday

Ok I'm going to make this quick! I am so exhasted after a loooong day, just wanted to share photo's.
It was a great day and Max enjoyed every minute of it. Of course he crashed at the end of the day and straight to bed without a peep :) Also just want to say a huge thanks to wonderful family and friends who helped make the day so special for my big boy :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blow Out!!

WARNING!! This will be mostly whinging!!! If you don't wanna hear it don't read it!!

So I had a huge blow out with Nicole yesterday! Things have been awkward lately and 20 days until my big day I really needed her support. Because I felt I was getting the opposite and she was meant to be my bridesmaid I approached her about it. I couldn't ignore it or bottle it up anymore! Well I found myself completely shocked and extremely taken back by her reaction! I only really have one way to put it... Jekyll & Hyde. I was astound by the utter most nastiest words that were coming out of what I though was a wonderful friend. I have bent over backwards and have given everything into this friendship and could not believe that being honest could get such horrible backlash or behaviour.
Never in my life have I spoken to or been spoken to in such a way and there is NO possible way to overcome this! There are simply just certain words and nasty things you can not take back or expect to be forgotten. I hold my dignity through out the entire argument and not once acted out in a outrageous manner! I did not at all deserve to be treated or spoken to the way I did and right now I'm just mostly still in shock about the whole thing! It amazes me the lack of respect I received. You must have integrity no matter how angry you get and I found that Nicole's was far from evident! I am still receiving spiteful text messages that I wish would stop but on the other hand I am grateful that I have managed to see this side of her sooner then later!
In saying all of that I am now honestly the happiest I can be as I am 20 days away of marrying the man I love and now nothing will get in the way. I look forward to a wonderful positive future :)


A GORGEOUS BABY GIRL!!! They called her Zoe Kerry, I'm still not sure on the details as I haven't been into the hospital to see them yet. I plan to head in there in a couple days, just let them settle in first. I put together a blanket for baby Zoe, I didn't make the quilt but just added the name patch! I also got a cute little newborn set with a bodysuit, bonnet, booties and bibs :) Of course we couldn't forget about mum and proud big brother Jacob so I got mum some chocolate and Jacob a set of match box cars :)


Friday, April 13, 2012


So lately I feel like my friends have no time for me. Ben left a few days ago and so I've never felt so lonely. The kids have being playing up which is quite normal when Ben leaves and I think most of the reason Max is playing up is simply his age, he's just adapted this awful 4 year old attitude. I miss my dad terribly, he'd always be there when I needed someone but I'm just glad he's safe after that earthquake and tsunami warning over in indonesia. 

I decided to keep my mind occupied today by doing some baking, not that I have anyone to bake for and with the few extra kilo's I've put on this year I surely don't need any cupcakes, they have made home in my fridge for now hahaha I also made some cake push pops.

Hen's Night Shoes

These are just a tad cute!
All I did was add glittery pink stickers to the soles :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flip Flops

So I just finished the last of the flip flops for the wedding. I originally bought my ivory bridal pair from MyDreamWedding on and decided to be brave and attempt the aqua ones for the girls. I think I did an alright job but of course not as good as the ones from MyDreamWedding hahaha.

 Ahh I love flip flops!!!

Survival Kits - Hens Night Gifts

Nicole, Jess and Clare are playing huge parts of organising my Hen's night. I'm not 100% sure whats happening but I can only assume it will be fabulous hehe :) Everything is done and organised and the only trouble is that I'm having trouble finding a dress for the occasion hahaha but that's ok I have a still have a few weeks to go.

Anyway I wanted to show the girls my appreciation with a small gift. 
I wasn't really sure what to do and after a lot of thinking and looking I decided to make survival kits. I saw this idea on pinterest and just had to make my own version. I am so happy how they turned out and I thought it is very appropriate and quirky as a gift for a girls night out :)
Only 24 more days until I become Mrs McGregor Yay!! I can't wait, I'm so excited. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with Ben he is the reason I smile everyday. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bridal Party Gifts

While we are in the gift giving blog mood I thought I would share with you the bracelets I bought for Clare, Nicole and I for the wedding day. They are so cute gorgeous and absolutely perfect! 
I bought the bracelets from MadeBySam on, each bracelet has a starfish charm, blue aqua chalcedony charm, pearl charm and a disc with initial on it. I bought the white leather bracelet boxes from eBay and I used rub on letters to make them more personalised, then added ribbon and slider to make them more decorative. The leather boxes came in white cardboard boxes and I was originally not going to use them but to protect the leather boxes I thought it was a good idea to keep them and it made for an extra craft project :) so I added some pink patterned paper and rhinestone initial on the cardboard box to make them a little prettier. 

This bracelet will be my something blue for the wedding day too :)  
I can't wait to give them to the girls.

Clare's Birthday!!

Ok well with all this talk about wedding we cannot forget that it is Clare's birthday the day we come home. I feel horrible enough that she has to spend the whole day travelling, not fun!
I don't want her to go forgotten so I have made her a special present. It's not big but it will mean a lot to her. I will be giving it to her a little early so she can use it in QLD.

It's starting to become far from summer here but in QLD it is starting to warm up.
I thought to make a summer pack. I visioned sitting and relaxing by the pool on a hot day in QLD where we will be together a few days before her birthday.

Included was a beach towel, a magazine, some sunscreen and a packet of summer fruit juice lollies. I put them all in recycled manchester packaging, tied some ribbon around to make a bow and I will add a card.  I think it looks great and she'll love it. 7 years of friendship, she's very special to me :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kates Baby Shower

It was Kate's baby shower today, all the decorations looked so cute. I couldn't stay very long as had to help Ben pick up a car in Melbourne but it was a lovely afternoon. Jess, Nicole and I organized, decorated and baked for the occasion and it worked out so well. We went with a subtle yellow duckie theme as it was gender neutral. Kate wanted to find out the sex but both times going in for the ultrasound there was so co operation from bubs. I'm so excited I can't wait, baby will be due April 16th via C-section. Not knowing the gender doesn't really help with present deciding hehehe.

Anyways I have some pics from before the party of some of the decorations. I haven't got my hands on any from the day once it was set up though. Obviously the banner said Kate's Baby Shower but to long to display :) Also I did a basket of wishes for baby so everyone could fill out little cards with messages to baby and I made custom stickers for lolly jar favours :)