Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wedding Planner

Only 14 weeks until our big day, it is unbelieveable how quickly last year went it's crazy. Not long now until the most exciting day to come so I have been doing last minute organising which has been really fun. I just wanted to share with you how much of a god send my wedding planner has been. I have used it throughout the whole planning process, every ounce of information is stored inside so I don't forget a thing. I'm super crazy over organisational items and even more so over personalised things. I'd say this is one of the cutest and best things and it wll become a lovely keepsake :)

I bought the folder from zazzle.com and created the pagess inside myself to write down all my inforation to suit how I liked it on word and then printed it up and hole punched it and inserted it into my folder along with some tabs. Looks and works great only wish I bought a thicker folder, it's over flowing haha!

 Front of my Planner and down the spine has our names and date we are getting married and the back of my Planner has a picture of us with "when happily ever after begins" on it.. Nawww! haha
I bought insert tabs from ebay and then also put some plastic pockets in for all those other random things you find you collect, like receipts and brochures. Each page was created on word by me with all the information I wanted it to have. I have pages for all different things like invitations, guest list, budget, attire, beauty, flowers, photography, ceremony, etc and each page is personalaised at the bottom of the page :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's great to have good friends

Just came back from going out with Nicole. I'm so glad we are hanging out again, it's been so nice to see her and how happy she is, I've missed her heaps. She's a great friend and really respects and appreciates me. Just thought I would share!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Happy new year! So 2011 has ended but cheers to it's millions of fantastic memories and unforgettable millstones. I can't wait for the exciting things to come in twenty twelve!!

Yes we were a little bit tipsy haha!! so excuse the messy photos but a fabulous night :)

Jayden Baby turns One!!

Can't believe Jayden is one! We had a nice small cookie monster themed party for him. Lots of fun!
I will post some pics for you to see :)

Merry Christmas!!

Ok so I'm about 25 days late for a Christmas blog but thought I'd mention I have an awesome Christmas! We ended up getting cond into having it at our place so ended up cooking for 13 ppl. Considering I have never cooked a roast before, lunch was a huge success! The lamb came out just perfectly and the vibe and atmosphere was really festive!

We had decorated the table and wore aprons and reindeer ears! We had Christmas carols playing and everything was just wonderful everyone had a great time!

In the morning the kids enjoyed opening there presents! We decided not to give them to many presents as we want them to understand the true meaning of Christmas! We agreed to 3 presents each! One present from us, one preset from each other and one from santa. Not to mention everything else from everyone else so they had more then enough presents under the tree.

Max was happy to leave some carrots for the reindeer and milk and cookies for santa! We left a note for Max from Santa and half eaten cookies which was cute!

All in all was a great day and cant wait for next year :)

Oh before I forget to mention! We had Santa photos taken and discovered Jayden HATES Santa, makes for a funny photo though screaming his heart out!

Will attach some pics, not many since pain to upload.