Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holidays a success

Last time I blogged we weren't to far off having our December wedding holiday!

Well it was a lovely time away although missed the kids.

We met with our wedding stylist who are fabulous, our photographer, hair and make up ladies and celebrant. All the wedding preps went well and can't wait for the big day! Times gone so quick just a 106 days left :)

Since we are on the wedding topic, I might as well up date you now! 95% of things are organised, we just put a deposit down for a cake! :) looks and sounds devine!

Its hand made chocolate cups, half filled with white chocolate cheesecake, topped up with chocolate mouse, with chunks of chocolate mud cake throughout. Decorated with chocolate scrolls on top and chocolate swirls on the cup. The top tier is mud cake, iced with ganache and a chocolate slat fence, with chocolate swirls on top. Sounds and looks soo delicious. We didn't want a traditional cake more something nice as a desert :)

Was also a pretty good price, normally wedding cakes range from $500-$800 but we are getting this one for $403 excluding delivery, pretty damn good and yummy!! Haha

Anyways Christmas, Jayden's First bday and New Years next.. wow how time flies. Busy busy busy!!

Will attach few pics of Ben and I on holiday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Forgot to mention

Jayden started standing up on his own just as Ben came home last time :) On Ben's birthday to be exact lol. Was pretty cute and he was so proud of himself. Of course we were very proud to.

Didn't take him long to take his first few steps 8 days later and thank good I got it on video :) nice one for the records :) 
Also just as Ben got back he cut 4 top teeth in 5 days, unbelieveable what a week haha!!
Check out the top chompers 

Anyways I'm off

Don't like being Sick! :(

Ok so it's been a while, Ben left today but is only gone a week this time. He ended up getting sick the night before he had to leave and by the time we had to leave for the airport in the morning he was vomiting everywhere. It was def not a pretty sight :( Then a couple days later you guessed it, I ended up sick. Luckily the kids haven't seem to have caught it, fingers crossed, touch wood lol. I'm starting to feel better but still not 100%.

I'm excited that our holiday is ONLY 12 DAYS AWAY!!! YAY!!!
I can't believe how quickly it has come. Come to think of it this whole year has flown by. It's my birthday tomorrow wowza!!

I have been making new nifty things for work which is a bit exciting to :) 
All the new pics are on my Facebook.com/CuddleUpKids and CuddleUpKids.com.au I've made my first soft toy photo book and wall bunting :)

Also a bit excited about Xmas coming up being Jayden's first Xmas and Jayden's First B'day the day after. Jayden is such a guts so we picked the appropriate theme of the Cookie Monster Yum Yum!! I bought some cookie monster balloons and decorations. Ben wants to make his cake so he's going to do a number 1 but I ordered some cookie monster cupcakes from a lady around the corner, they look so scrumptious and cute :)

 I will post pics of Jayden's other decoration once he's had his party.
I also ordered some Christmas cupcakes which are adorable to. 

Well so much stuff to do 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wedding Invitations

We have started handing out our message in a bottle save the dates and they have been a huge hit. I'm so happy how they turned out which makes me more excited for our invitations :)
My wedding invitation suitcases which will have all the information inside have arrived. I have started making all the different things to go in each suitcase and they are starting to come together. I decided to make a formal invitation that everyone will have that will sit on top and then the other info depending on each guest will go underneath. These might include, RSVP card and envelope, accommodation info, flight details, dayspa treatments, gold coast information, brochures, etc. I have put some things in envelopes and other things like brochures will go in loosely.
Its all on nice shimmery paper but photo's aren't crash hot.

 our formal invites


RSVP & return envelopes

accommodation & flight details for some guests

Dayspa treatment pack for some guests

All in the suitcase with formal invite on top

suitcase closed

A luggage tag with guest name will be attached, also might put some shells or coral and other decorative items inside. There's a few more things I have to collect like brochures, etc before they are complete but getting there :)

194 Days till "I DO"


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The time has come and gone again.

Ben's been home and is now off on his travels again. It doesn't get any easier each time he leaves us. If you had of asked me a couple years ago whether I could see myself dealing with the distance the answer would have been no. Sometimes I have great strength and other times I feel like I'm falling apart. I guess there's just great sacrifice for love and it's not everyday people can do it which makes me more proud of my determination to keep a great relationship that I do have, strong.

With all that said, Jayden started day care since the last time I blogged. Yesterday was his second day and I think he's enjoying it so far. He seems to be liking the new environment and playing with all the toys but its still hard to let him go when i drop him off. I wish I could get him in the same center Max is in but there are no spots available just yet.

It's Bens birthday soon and have no idea what to do. I normally have something up my sleeve but so lost for ideas :S

Wedding plans are coming along nicely, invitations are nearly all done just have to collect some information and brochures on our Dec pre wedding trip. I haven't even sent out all the save the dates yet but talk about being ahead with all the planning wow!!

Anyways it's getting late and I'm feeling drowsy! Night!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jupiters Casino!

So Ben arrived home a few days ago and we've been in Melb the last couple of days so it's been busy, busy!
It's so nice to have Ben home and the kids are loving every minute. 

It dawned on Ben and I that out of all the times we have caught flights since being together we have not actually been on a flight together which makes me more excited to go on our holiday in December. We have spent time away from Max for about 2 nights but it will be nice to spend time to ourselves for 5 nights without the kids, might be a little hard to leave Jayden for the first time for that long :s 

We previously booked the flights and car hire and have decided to book accommodation at Jupiters Casino. It's a 2 minute walk to the biggest shopping center in the southern hemisphere, shopping shopping shopping :) but it's also central to everything and we are staying there to see what it's like because we are thinking of booking it for the night before the wedding for the groom and best man. That way they have plenty of things they can do without having to worry bout going anywhere, in other words it'll be somewhat a bucks night; food, bars, gambling haha. It looks really nice so we'll see how we go.

Anyways not much else just enjoying Ben being home so might not hear from me for just a little bit haha


Monday, October 3, 2011

Bargain Bargain Bargain!!!

I am absolutely loving the bargain's we are finding for the wedding :) 
Today I found a lady who does bridal flowers, that will do what I want for $200 cheaper then what I was going to pay. 

I am having a Brides bouquet and maid of honour posy in various shades of pink, white, ivory, cream and lavender roses in 3 different sizes. A ivory rose and leaf for the grooms buttonhole and a light pink rose and leaf for the best man buttonhole. Plus some single flowers for my ceremony decor for only $200.00 WHAT A BARGAIN!!! 

216 Days Until we day 'I DO' 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday Frenzy!!

Ben and I get emailed Jetstar's Friday frenzy deals and normally we just delete them before we open them but yesterday something possesed Ben to open it and he decided to point out to me that flights from Melbourne to the Gold Coast are going on sale from 4pm-6pm for $59 for travel dates in which our wedding falls in.. WHAT A BARGIN!!! Ben jumped on the computer at 4pm and booked flights for us, the kids and the bridal party.. we saved $715 so thrilled!!! Well was exciting since the flight we booked the other day for our December trip seemed so much more expensive compaired to the sale ones lol.

I just want the wedding to hurry up!! I am so excited and can't wait for the moment I marry my bestfriend. =)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pre-Wedding Holiday

We are just in the process of booking our pre-wedding holiday in December so we can celebrate our anniversary and do some pre-wedding meeting. Ben suggested to stay 5 nights instead of 7 and with the money we save on accommodation, car hire, food, etc we can spend on shopping.. God I love Ben, he knows me too well =) We only need to allocate 2 days to do wedding stuff so it's great we still have heaps of time to shop, relax and enjoy. He's booking an early flight there and a late flight back so we have that extra time to soak up the sun =)
I'm so excited to spend time with him without the kids and I can't wait for our wedding. I just wish it would hurry up hehe. 

Video Blog

I am dedicating this blog entry to all the wonderful memories with my beautiful kids and just some of the silly things they do! A life time of memories to cherish forever.
I will be updating this blog post as new videos are taken of their special moments. 
The videos from the top are most recent.
If you want to view the videos larger, you can click on the YouTube logo and it will take you directly to youtube.com

Daddy!! 31/08/11

Jayden and Max playing on the floor. 19/08/11

So cute, Jayden loved playing with bubbles 18/08/11

Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy 16/08/11

Just starting to crawl. 14/08/11

Playing Hide and Seek 21/07/11

Jayden Laughing at Max 14/7/11

 My head makes sound, haha he was fascinated by the sound his head makes when running it down the tv unit haha 14/7/11

Jaydens little bum wiggle before he started crawling properly 11/7/11

 Dad taking me for a walk 05/07/11

2 Sick kids, plenty of sharing (germs) and max singing twinkle twinkle and ABC (not necessarily right haha)
So Cute!! 28/06/11

Caught max doing some silly thing had to take a video lol 13/06/11

Jayden and his 3 day spitting phase, thank god it was only a phase lol 13/06/11

Weeeee, Max and dad having fun =) 12/04/11

Jayden thinking it's funny to kick himself lol 31/03/11

Max and uncle Jac dancing lol 27/03/11

Talking to dad on the phone while he's away, pretty cute! 21/01/11

So cute. Jayden with hiccups days after he's born 31/12/10

Poppa playing funnies with max 03/12/10

Cool Dude - Nowra 02/11/10

Sliding down the big slide 29/07/10

Max blowing raspberries on mummys leg, so funny 13/01/10

So funny! this was taken 04/01/10

Max's funny laugh 17/10/09

Grr Max, more cute noises from my child lol October 09

Max's first christmas 25/12/08

Max's commando crawl. anything to get to the music lol December 08

 Max making the funniest noises while playing on the floor October 08

Max laughing himself sick while jumping haha. October 08

Only months old max making a poo face June 08

Fiona xx